Mario Monti

Prime Minister of Italy 2011-2013.
Member of the Italian Senate.
President of Bocconi University.

Leading European Statesman and Commentator on Geopolitics.

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Mario Monti was the Prime Minister of Italy (November 2011-April 2013) and Minister of Economy and Finance (November 2011-July 2012).

In November 2011, he was appointed Senator-for-life by the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano.

He served for ten years as a member of the European Commission, in charge of the Internal market, Financial services and Tax policy (1995-1999), then of Competition (1999-2004). In addition to a number of high-profile cases, he introduced radical modernisation reforms of EU antitrust and merger control and led, with the US authorities, the creation of the International Competition Network (ICN).

He is President of Bocconi University, Milan, and Honorary Chairman of Bruegel, the European think-tank he founded in 2005.

He is the author of the report to the President of the European Commission on “A new strategy for the single market” (May 2010).

Born in Varese, Italy, he graduated from Bocconi University and did graduate studies at Yale University. Prior to joining the European Commission, he had been Professor of Economics and Rector at Bocconi. His publications focus mainly on monetary and financial economics, public finance, competition policy and on the economic and political dimensions of European integration.


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