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The Leigh Bureau is proud to introduce Emily Parker, journalist and author of Now I Know Who My Comrades Are: Voices From the Internet Underground. Emily draws on a unique background in political journalism, technology, and international relations to explain how the internet and social media have powered protest and change in China, Cuba, Russia, and beyond.

The Fourth Revolution: The Global Race to Reinvent the State
The age of big government is over; the age of smart government has begun.
As leaders everywhere around the world face a dual crisis of political legitimacy and political effectiveness, dysfunctional government has become a cliché — something most of us are resigned to. As John and his co-author Adrian Wooldridge argue, this is a seriously limited view. There have been three great revolutions in government in the history of the modern world. Now we’re in the midst of a fourth — and the West is in danger of being left behind. Drawing on their extraordinary access to influential figures and forces the world over, John and Adrian give a global tour of the innovations in how effective government works. The Fourth Revolution will be available 15 May.

Robert Shiller has been awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize in Economics for his empirical analysis of asset prices.
Robert joins Paul Krugman, Tom Sargent, and Lars Peter Hansen as the Leigh Bureau's fourth Nobel laureate in economics.
Congratulations, Robert!

We are proud to introduce Susan Athey, the leading figure in internet economics. Susan's command of big data, online marketplace design, and virtual currency is an invaluable addition to the Leigh Bureau's roster.

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