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Emily Parker draws on a unique background in political journalism, technology, and international relations to explain how the internet is transforming global politics. Her book, Now I Know Who My Comrades Are: Voices from the Internet Underground, is an in-depth exploration of Cuba on the brink of change. It shines a light on activist and grassroots movements around the world, showing how the internet and social media have powered protest and change in China, Cuba, Russia, and the Middle East. Watch Emily in her recent talk Voices from the Internet Underground.

Martin Wolf's book The Shifts and the Shocks and Atif Mian's book, House of Debt are on the list of Bloomberg BusinessWeeks Best Books of 2014. They are amongst the most-cited selections from the Bloomberg News annual survey, which asked CEOs, investors, current and former policy makers, economists and academics to name their favorite reads in 2014.

Tim Harford and John Gapper are the recipients of the The Comment Awards. “The Comment Awards 2014 celebrate the achievements of the UK’s finest print and online commentators and their editors.” Tim won for best Economics Commentator and John won for best Business Commentator. This is the sixth year of the award. Congratulations Tim and John!

At the cutting edge of industrial innovation, JB Straubel is part of the founding team and the Chief Technical Officer of Tesla Motors, the electric car company based in Palo Alto, California. At Tesla, Straubel oversees the technical and engineering design of the vehicles. In addition to his work at Tesla, Straubel is also on the Board of Directors for Solar City. He is a lecturer at his alma mater, Stanford University, where he teaches the popular Energy Storage Integration class in the Atmosphere and Energy Program. Prior to Tesla Motors, Straubel was the CTO and co-founder of Volacom, where he co-invented and patented the new long-endurance hybrid propulsion concept that was later licensed to Boeing.

A leading voice calling for reforms in health care, Dr. David Newman offers bold new ideas on how to restore access, quality and efficiency as the sovereign forces in health care. His website,, has dozens of contributors analysing the available studies and trial data to individualise the value of health treatments. They crunch the numbers on the benefits and harms, and then post the results. Here is David's speech on David is an engaging, deeply researched and eloquent speaker on a topic that lies at the center of today's social concerns.

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